I still dazed and bumpy with Tasya’s feeling, my buddy. Why not, because her boyfriend that named Aris, suddenly give more attention to me. It began when Aris, Tasya, and I went to a movie together. Aris and I introduced each other just like usual. I didn’t know who is Aris exactly. However, according to Tasya’s story in the class, I knew that she was very proud of him. I was sure that Aris is a good boy.
          Since a week after meeting with us, Tasya said that Aris was changed and often asked her about me. I knew how is Tasya’s feeling at that time. Since that, I was afraid that Tasya would be misunderstanding.
          I was puzzled because Aris wrote a love letter for me. However, I didn’t pay attention about it. He had given it for many times but I never replied it. Till at a night, Oh God! He was alone coming to my house.
“Why do you come here?” I asked him unbelievably.
“Why don’t you reply my letter?” he said.
“No, and never!” I answered quickly.
“But, Nis…” he said.
“You had known that Tasya is your girlfriend and she is my buddy. We are classmate. I won’t grass on her.” I said to him.
“But, you must know, Nis. Actually I’m not happy by her side. I feel more comfortable with you.” He answered.
“Please, forgive me. I can’t. Whatever your reason I can’t ! So, please don’t hope anything from me. I don’t want my self to have a problem with you.” I said.
                I saw Aris was very disappointed. Since that Aris and I never meet again. There is no communication between us. The same situation happened to Tasya too. She avoids me. Till at noon, I saw Tasya day dreamed in our class. Then I came closer to her.
“Sya, why do you avoid me? Or do you have a problem?” I asked.
“It’s because of you !! You know Aris, right? He is my boyfriend. Why do you take him out of me, take him out of my life?!” She answered.
                Her statement really made me so fed up. She started to cry. I was so confused to tell the truth to her.
“Tasya, I never knew what Aris mean to me. He comes to your life and gives you a dream. But, in the other side he also comes to my life and says about his feeling to me by some love letters that I don’t pay attention to it. But now, I don’t know how can you say that I take him from your life?” I tried to tell the truth but I couldn’t continue, because I started to cry too.
                But, till now, Tasya still unbelieves me for the truth that I’ve told to her. She doesn’t understand the meaning of friendship and now, I just pass the free time alone without Tasya’s laugh and smile.

Story by : Ikha Oktavianti
Translated by : my lil sista (Anin - Lantika)


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